Saturday, February 12

Shaken or Stirred

My issue with shaken versus stirred is that it seems like the typical bartender does not know this simple information. Bartenders there is one simple rule, if a drink is all alcohol… STIR IT!

It is extremely rare that I get my favorite drink, a Manhattan, which has been stirred instead of shaken. It seems that bartenders have some type of Tom Cruise from Cocktail disorder... Guys and Gals just because you mix it in a cocktail “shaker” it doesn’t mean you actually have to shake it!

Many people say, “You can’t tell the difference.” I beg to differ. A shaken cocktail is more watered down and you loss the taste of the liquor, Maker’s Mark Bourbon in my case. :)

I just hope that this post provides just a few other patrons the pleasure and appreciation for a good STIRRED cocktail!


barmixmaster said...

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Anonymous said...

I've actually done a lot of studying (if you can believe it) about shaking vs stirring. I now believe shaking is the best choice. Here is why:

I believe it is a misconception shaking melts it more than stirring. Cooling the drink itself requires the ice to lose a certain amount of heat, thus resulting in ice melt. Meaning, stirring a drink to the same temperature as shaking it will result in the same amount of ice melt, if not more due to the fact stirring a drink takes longer and is more exposed to atmospheric heat.

Shaking a drink will aerate it properly, and get your nose involved. As any alcohol connoisseur will tell you (I'm sure we can agree on this) the smell is half the taste of the drink. Unless the drink is carbonated, shaking it will properly intensify the flavor.

Of course, some bartenders wish to present a clear drink. Stirring is one option, but a shaken drink usually takes only about minute to clear anyways.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree, with the dilution comment from anonymous. If you shake properly (good and hard for 7-10 seconds) you should be bruising the ice leaving the nice little ice crystals in the drink. These along with the ice that melts to get a drink to the proper temp add a bit more dilution than stirring. My feeling is that many people just don't shake properly.