Monday, February 14

Whoa - I can't believe that...

You ever go into a bar and order something and you honestly can't believe what you got in return?

I'm not trying to bitch here this just like that TV show, Reply’s Believe it or not?

Here is mine.

I was traveling in California and I was staying at this hotel. I asked the desk clerk for a recommendation for a good place to eat and more important get a GOOD drink. He recommends a place so I took off. When I got there it looked like a very nice establishment. Nice dark room with a complete wrap around bar, just like the TV show Cheers except with the lights turned down. :)

So I go to the bar and order a Maker's Mark Manhattan, straight up. First the barkeep looked around aimlessly and confused. So I ask, "Something wrong?" The reply was, "No, I just can't find the Maker's Mark." So he looks around for a while and comes back to me and says, "Doesn't look like we carry that."

Well I should have walked out right then.

He continued, "I just stared here this week and this place is a mess." So I ask, "Have you been a bartender long?" the reply, "8 years."

I was a little surprised, due to the age of the person. I was thinking that this person must have started mixing drinks in their dippers. :)

So I told the barkeep to use the best bourbon they have in stock. Then, I wait, and I wait, and I wait.

Finally barkeep comes back from around the other side of the bar with a big smile on their face and a shot glass in his hand.


It was a straight shot of bourbon. That was it. It wasn't even chilled! :o

I grin and look back at him and think. Okay, obviously this person was very distraught over not having Maker's Mark for me and is now very confused.

So, being a good sport that I am. I downed the shot and then made the mistake of placing a second order. It should have been my back up drink vodka tonic, but no now I am curious how far this person would go trying to convince me he has been bar tendering for 8 years!!

So, I order a sidecar. I know I was being mean.

The barkeep comes back with ANOTHER SHOT! BUT, this time they have an old fashioned glass of coke. He sits the shot down, then the coke proclaiming, "There's your sidecar."I couldn't believe it.

I left.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, generally:

1. Whisk(e)y isn't chilled when ordered "straight up."

2. When whisk(e)y is ordered "straight up" it does come in a shot glass, or one of those lovely footed ones that we will serve those lovely single malts.

You didn't specify "chilled" and in a "cocktail" glass.

And there are many bars that do not stock Makers Mark.

barmixmaster said...

Please read again, I ordered a Manhattan which is chilled and not served in a shot glass. It is served in a cocktail glass.

If I had ordered Whisky straight up I would have expected a shot glass or an old-fashioned glass.

If they carry Makers Mark. They should. It rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

I ordered a martini at a crappy sports bar. I asked for it with tanqueray, and figured I'd get some combination of tanqueray gin, a bit of vermouth, and an olive. What I got was a dirty martini, the bartender informed me that she didn't have any vermouth so she made it dirty. Gross.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but think of a trip to a bar I frequent, I had been in plenty of times before, but this time they had a newer bartender working.

I ordered a round of drinks for me an my friends (mostly beers), my drink being a Vox Kamikaze on the rocks. I see the bartender pick up the vox and a bottle with a yellow liquid in it and pour them into a glass of ice. He brings it back to me and so I politely ask him what he just put in it. He replies vodka and sour.... So trying to withhold a look of shock on my face, I say to him, "thats not a kamikaze, thats a vodka sour, a kamikaze would have vodka, triple-sec, and lime juice, and no sour". Maybe I came off rude, but his response blew me away, he says "well thats how we make theme here".

Now I myself have been bartending for 5 years, and think I do a good job of mixing proper drinks. But nonetheless, I would think the guy would have said "sorry, let me make it one the way you like it" or something close, after all its stull a customer service industry.

I still go to that bar on occasion, as I know a lot of the staff. That one guy knows not to bother serving me now, I'm patient enough to wait for one of their knowledgeable bartenders.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the first post:
1. Straight up means chilled, no ice. Neat means room temperature.

2. He ordered a Manhattan straight up. That means chilled in a cocktail glass.