Sunday, March 6

Bar Fear: Introduction

If there is one thing that I hope my blog does here it is to alleviate what I call bar fear. Bar fear is experienced when people are too afraid to place an order for a drink because they are scared of what they will get. After all, it could be something you don't like. People like this tend to order beer or wine because they know what they are getting.

Or perhaps you just have problems deciding what drink to get. This category of posts is for you.

I find that when I go into a bar it depends on my mood as to what I order. However, those who have bar fear do not have this instinct because they don't really know what they like.

Let's start here. Vodka is a good safe liquor that can be easily mixed with just about anything. By law in the US vodka is to be tasteless and colorless, it is anyway so I don't know why they made a law.

Now if you are in the mood for something sweet, think about fruit juices you like. Cranberry and Orange Juice for example mix very well with vodka. Don't let the names of drinks throw you, just because something is called a Cap Codder or Screwdriver it doesn't mean that it is complicated. (By the way, vodka and cranberry is a Cap Codder and vodka and orange juice is a Screwdriver.)

You can walk into any bar anywhere and order a vodka and cranberry juice with no problem.

Look for future postings that will help you get past your bar fears in the Bar Fear category.


Anonymous said...

If US law requires vodka to be tasteless, what is stoli-razz? I mean the people who drink it might be tasteless, but I detected a distinct hint of razzzpberries...

barmixmaster said...

You will notice that stoli-razz and all other vodka's with taste are labled "Flavored Vodka."

This is how they get around the law.




Subpart C--Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits

Sec. 5.22 The standards of identity.

Standards of identity for the several classes and types of distilled
spirits set forth in this section shall be as follows (see also
Sec. 5.35, class and type):
(a) Class 1; neutral spirits or alcohol. ``Neutral spirits'' or
``alcohol'' are distilled spirits produced from any material at or above
190 deg. proof, and, if bottled, bottled at not less than 80 deg. proof.
(1) ``Vodka'' is neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after
distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without
distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have serious bar fear... mostly just because I always think I'll stupid because I ask for things they don't have and I generally end up getting something I don't like. But I like vodka and cranberry juice or orange juice I just never knew what it was called so I guess that will be my new default. (I guess you haven't cured me of having a default, but gave me a new option)

Tiff said...

I like to test bartenders' abilities by asking them to create a drink for me, or to just make me some random cocktail.

There are times when I'm wanting a Long Island, a Manhattan, Whiskey sour, etc. Then there are times where I just want something I've never had before, I'm not in the mood for my favourites or the bar just doesn't make them properly.

Nothing worse then ordering a long island and being handed a coke mixed with sour mix and gin/rum/vodka, because they either don't know how to make it properly or the management insists on using that crap sour mix that looks radioactive.

Anonymous said...

"by US law, vodka is tasteless etc."
As a veteran bartender, i use to think this as well. but now i know that there is a difference between vodkas.

vodka originated from the vodka belt of european countries, sweden, poland, finland, etc.

there ARE differences in different vodkas houses and their various range, from their housepour level to the super premium level.

differences range from quality, ingredients, and even TASTE and AROMAS.

try attending blind tastings for vodka and you will understand what i mean.

why does the US have a law that states otherwise? well they honestly dont know any better. same way why patrons and customers cant tell the differences between fresh lime juice and fresh lemon juice