Sunday, March 27

The Old Fashioned

Wow, Robert Hess' review of the Old Fashioned is great! This is an awesome review of a fantastic cocktail. The Old Fashioned is in my 2 top of drinks. The article recounts the history of the cocktail back to its assumed origins and gives examples of how the receipt changed over the years.

I've been examining this article all day and experimenting with the receipt. I changed how I make this old favorite after reading Robert's article.

Old Fashioned:
1 to 2 tsp Simple Syrup
3 dashes Bitters (Orange Bitters if you can find it)
Slice of Orange Peel, after first squeezing into glass
Muddle these ingredients...

then add
Fill with Bourbon
Garnish with orange wheel and cherry
Serve with straws or small bar spoon.

I think I'll go have another one now. ;)

Thanks for the article Robert.
Here it is, enjoy!

By the way Robert, I checked my 2000 printing of Mr. Boston and it has the same Old Fashioned receipt as the 1979 printing.


DrinkBoy said...

Chris MacMillian, bartender at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, had been following many of my rantings about how badly most bartenders make Old Fashioneds. He worked up a way to make them that I think is absolutely fabulous. The "muddled orange" is a somewhat new addition, and was not part of the original drink. I think however that the orange flavor works really good with bourbon (or rye), and so does Chris. All that muddled pulp however is not very appealing however, which is why when I muddle it, I do so very lightly, and focus my attention on the rind to get the oils. Well Chris just cuts to the chase, and uses -only- the orange rind. He slices off a sliver-dollar sized sliver of orange peel, squeezes it into the glass, then muddles it. Orange flavor, without orange juice, or orange pulp.

barmixmaster said...

I will make it a point to stop into the Ritz-Carlton to have one.


Anonymous said...

The Old Fashioned is very popular in my home town of Milwaukee and is usually made wrong. A fine restaurant or hotel bar will get it right. Most 2nd rate bartenders add a half glass of sweet white soda or 7-Up. They don't muddle the orange. Terrible!! Your recipe is exactly right. This is the finest cocktail I've ever enjoyed.

Teresa said...

The Old Fashioned has been my cocktail of choice for many years.
Thanks for this post!