Sunday, April 17

RFC - Cocktail Cooler

The following is a request for comment on the following proposed standard. The official place to place a comment on this proposal is at

The perceived meaning of the word cocktail is completely different from the original...

Cock tail, then in a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters it is vulgarly called a bittered sling...

Now days anything with alcohol in it is called a cocktail. I call for a rebirth of the cocktail's original meaning. A cocktail consists of liquor of any kind, sugar, water (ice), and bitters. I do suggest that we allow for the addition of other flavorings as long as it does not overpower the taste of the liquor. The point of a cocktail is to taste the liquor, but enhance it in a variety of ways.

So to be clear in the definition of cocktail...

A cocktail is a beverage consisting of liquor of any kind, sugar, ice, bitters, and optionally a small amount of flavoring where by the liquor is the primary ingredient.

Some clear examples of cocktails include:
Just to name a few.

So you ask, what do we call all those other drinks if we don't call them cocktails? Well, we have another classification of drinks we call coolers. The definition of a cooler is an iced drink usually with an alcoholic beverage as a base. This more broad definition needs to be narrowed for what today what many people call "cocktails."

The new classification for the modern day "cocktail" that I propose is called a cocktail cooler.
The definition of this is...

A cocktail cooler is a drink with an alcoholic beverage as a base that is served in a cocktail glass.

The mother of this new classification of drinks is the popular Cosmopolitan

Some examples of a cocktail cooler include:
Just to name a few.


Start of commentary...

Certain I don't expect that patrons should come into a bar and order a cocktail cooler by name. I'm just proposing that we reclassify some of the modern drinks into this new category. It is time to get back to true cocktails.

I know that the money is being made on cocktail coolers and that this is currently what the public wants but lets not mix the two together. The cocktail is a culinary master piece, which is not to be confused with a drink that is in existence to just hide the taste of alcohol.

Please for fogive me for being anal.


barmixmaster said...

This concept went down in a blaze of glory over at webtender. It was decided to simply call these types of drinks Classic Cocktails.

This is okay with me, but there are some classic cocktails that also "cover-up" the alcohol.

Lonnie Bruner said...

I'm with you, man. I'm with you.