Thursday, May 19

Meaning of Words

This is a list of some of the words used on my site. Words can have many different definitions and they can be taken out of context at times. I'm not saying these are the meaning for these words, but within the context of this site this is how they will be used.

  • Classic Cocktails - A cocktail invented at least 25 years ago and is or once was considered a standard cocktail.
  • Modern Cocktails - Cocktails invented within the last 25 years.
  • Fundamental Cocktails - The most basic cocktails that when properly understood, will form the foundation of understanding how to make cocktails better. These can be classic or modern cocktails. Also sometimes called foundation cocktails
  • Specialty Cocktails - Typically a creation of the bar and is most likely the only place it is served. However this is where drinks are invented and given enough time can rise to be a standard cocktail in all bars.
  • Standard Cocktails - Should be available in all bars and range in populartiy. These can be classic or modern cocktails.
  • Non-standard cocktails - This could be a drink that once was a standard cocktail but fell in popularity or is another bar's specialty drinks. Non-standards should only be order in rare circumstances.

More may be added in the future, but this is where we will start.

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