Sunday, May 1

Mexican Restaurant in Mandeville, LA

Last night my wife and I went to a local Mexican restaurant. We love the food at this place. The atmosphere is loud, lively, and fun. They have a great LOOKING bar and the wait is never very long.

That's all I can say good about this place.

The bar needs some talent.

Behind the bar they have the obligatory Margarita Rocks pre-mixed in a bucket and the Frozen Margarita machines whirling away. We've sat at the bar 3 times now waiting for our table and all three times we have been fairly disappointed.

First time there, we get this crusty guy who has the attitude of a rusty nail. Being a Mexican place I order a Margarita on the rocks. No problem and it was decent. My wife orders a Mojito. The Rusty Nail's response, "We don't serve that here! You must be watching too many episodes of Sex and the City."

Ummmm, okay. Are you just trying to piss me off?

So, she orders a Smirnoff Vodka and Tonic with extra lime. Not only did they not have Smirnoff it was returned with NO lime at all.

Well, we chalk the first time up to a bad bartender. So on our second visit we go to the bar happy to see the Rusty Nail nowhere in sight. We sit down for our pre-meal drink by ordering a Maker's Mark Manhattan straight up for myself and a Vodka and Tonic for my wife. Barkeep then informs me they are out of Maker's Mark and still no Smirnoff. Very sadly, I end up with a Jim Beam Manhattan without bitters and shaken.

Third times a charm, right? Nope. Knowing at this point to keep it simple I order a Whiskey Sour. Still no Maker's Mark I go with Wild Turkey and of course I get
Finest Call sweet and sour mix. There is nothing fresh here. My wife's VODKA and tonic, which comes back with so much vodka that she sent it back. (still no Smirnoff by the way) She ends up getting a Margarita on the Rocks with an extra shot of Blue Curacao. She liked it.

This place is very busy and sells decent Margarita by the bucket. It is obvious that they are not concentrating on the bar. It's too bad. This restaurant is in a great location, the bar is very nice looking and has a lot of potential.

I write this in hopes they upgrade their efforts in the bar area because I will be coming back because the food is just that good.


Anonymous said...

You cant win with Mexican places. I cant tell you the last time I went to a Mexican restaurant that didnt absolutely KILL thier margaritas with tequila. Does the word "portion" mean anything to these places?

Anonymous said...

I have been to two Mexican places in Mandeville. One I have never ordered from the bar and the other I sat at the bar with the owner and sipped Tequila. If a restaurant is going to have a bar they should at least be able to do the basics well and if they specialize in a regional type
of food, they need to know drinks that are associated with that style of food.

Anonymous said...

I must say (not that I have had many margaritas) that Fat Tuesday (even though they were pre-mixed) in Cozumel Mexico has the best margarita I have ever had. The flavor was not too overpoweringly sour, but also not burnt with tequila. I could tast the tequila, but the mix was just perfect that the drink almost came out fruity. Haha now that I think about it they were probably serving me rum...

Just my two cents.