Friday, June 10

How to get a Sidecar

An interesting notion that I just came to as I was reading some information over at and surfing the Bols site.

The similarity between a Margarita and Sidecar is very interesting. Both include orange liqueur and a sour ingredient the only difference is:
  • Margarita has tequila, lime juice, salt rim
  • Sidecar has brandy, lemon juice, sugar rim
Most bartenders know how to make a Margarita. So what this means is that with a little conversation it should be easy to order one of my favorite drinks anywhere, the Sidecar.

All you have to say when the bartender doesn't know a Sidecar is, "It's a Margarita with brandy and lemon juice instead of tequila and lime juice. Oh, and you sugar the rim instead of salt it."

Bingo!!! You should get a good Sidecar.


Anonymous said...

I think the "sidecar=brandy margarita" thing can give people the wrong idea. On my last trip to Las Vegas I made it my mission to try ordering a sidecar in every lounge we visited. Generally I got back something a bit too sweet (sometimes garnished with a cherry) but recognizeable. One place, though, gave me a drink garnished with a lime wedge, with what appeared to be a sugar rim. I took a drink, and ACK! It was a _salt_ rim! After the first shock the drink wasn't so bad, since the salt rim went well with the rather sour drink, but it was definitely a "brandy margarita" and _not_ a sidecar.

Also--I've always seen sidecar recipes with lemon juice, not lime. Is lime customary somewhere?

barmixmaster said...

Yeah, I think I was a little tipsy when I wrote that post. Sidecar has lemon juice, not lime. I'm going to edit it some to compensate.

I also when out and tested this theory, and got a decent drink although it was not a Sidecar.

The quest continues.

Anonymous said...

yau can substitute Hennesy for the Brandy for a real treat!

Anonymous said...

Hennesy is definetly the way to go!!!