Tuesday, December 27

10 Ways To Know You Have Had Too Much

The holidays often inspire people to imbibe a little too much. The following are 10 ways to know that you have had too much to drink this holiday or any season.
  1. You are hot even though it is 30 degrees and you are standing outside with no coat
  2. You are talking more than normal
  3. (sorry this is gross but true) Your urine is clear
  4. A close friend says, "I never knew that about you."
  5. You think singing karaoke is a good idea
  6. You are smoking a cigarette even though you don't normally smoke; especially if you light the wrong end.
  7. You are drinking a J├Ąger Bomb
  8. You are yelling instead of talking in a normal voice
  9. You are wet in a place you normally are not (say, by falling into a spa)
  10. If you have had more than 1 cocktail or shot per hour

If any of these things are true, you should stop drinking immediately and start drinking water. If the party still has a way to go, eat something, and wait 2 hours. Typically, depending on your weight, a person can handle 1 cocktail or shot per hour. If you take two cocktails in one hour you should wait another hour before you have another.

One thing you can do to help you count your cocktails is to keep the stirring straw from each drink in your pocket, look at your watch and see if the number of straws equals the number of hours you have been at the party. If not... slow down.

Now, if I can follow my own advice I'd be in good shape.


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