Friday, December 30

2005 Year in Review

2005 is coming to a close and so is the first year of I hope all of you readers out there has gotten as much out of this as I have putting it together. Every topic I sit down to right about I research thoroughly and I always learn something. I have a lot of fun with this site and I wish I had more time to write in it. My New Years resolution is to write a post once a week at the very least.

Let’s re-cap some of the highlights for the year:

  • was launched on February 10, 2005... Everything has to start, I'm sometimes asked where "BarMixMaster" came from and the simple answer is that it was the best domain name I could find.

  • The start of the Bar Fear category of posts. This section of posts is an attempt to alleviate the fear of walking up to a bar and ordering a good cocktail for the libation novice.

  • I was shoot down in flames over the Cocktail Cooler idea. Boy that was stupid. :)

  • The start of the Old Stand-By category of posts. This section of posts talks about the long standing families of cocktails.

  • I really slammed a Mexican joint. :o

  • I dared to asked the question, "If classics aren't ordered very often, should bartenders still be expected to know how to make them?" The Classics

  • Probably the one post I got the most positive feedback on was my development of the Standard Cocktail Spectrum. I spent nearly as much time on the graphic for that article as the article itself.

  • I reported on the June 2005 Museum of the American Cocktail Seminars held in New Orleans.

  • I got all deep and philosophical in... Exceeding Expectations

  • I wrote about the all important H2O in... Hey! There is water in my cocktail!

  • Gave the ol' how to measure ingredients in... Measuring the Pour

  • Then... I ran from a damn hurricane that really messed up our world down here in NOLA. Thanks to the kindness and support to all the cocktailians out there to Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour!

  • Talked about how to bottle the fun in... Bottled Cocktails

  • The long awaited Manhattan post.

  • My new bumper sticker campaign... Nix Sour Mix

Currently the site is receiving 230 unique visitors a day and since its inception has received over 70,000 visitors this year, which I know, is not a huge amount but it's a start.

The site is a #1 hit on Google for most of the post titles. Try it!!!

Overall a great year! I have a lot planned for 2006. Plans which might include the launch of a new mixology resource that I've been a part of... you'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to spread the word about good cocktails.



...the bar mix master has spoken.


Melanhead said...

Not that you asked, but I submitted your site to the 2006 Bloggies for best food site.

barmixmaster said...

Wow, that is very kind of you. :)