Saturday, January 7

Bartending Startup: Introduction

So you want to learn how to mix drinks. Well, whether you are looking for a fun job where you can meet lots of interesting people or if you just want to mix up a few drinks to impress your friends at home this section of the site will get you started.

No doubt my advice will mostly be from the home bartending slant because that is where I do the majority of my mixing. I do tend bar for private functions so I can speak from that perspective as well.

None the less, the bartender startup will take you through stocking your bar, using the right tools, measuring, amusing banter, stories for your guests, etc...

Something to know before you get started is that you will have fun but being the mixer at the party can be hard work. Be prepared to miss a good bit of the party if you are mixing the drinks for everyone. If you love doing it as much as I do it won't be a big deal. However, if you are really not into it you may just want to put out the liquor and mixers (or bottled cocktails) for your guests.

I love serving cocktails because I get a lot satisfaction pleasing others. Sharing a well made cocktail with a friend or guest is one of the best ways to get that feeling. The smile on someone’s face when they take their first sip of a cocktail of your creation can be very rewarding. You too can be rewarded.

I hope this section inspires more people to become tenders with a true love for good cocktails.


Anonymous said...

You may cover this in your bartending setup, but I thought I'd put it in your mind if you weren't planning on it.

I'm very interested in finding out the worth/differences/which I should be using/etc of the following liquors:

-triple sec
-grand marnier

I have tried all except for orange curacao, which I cannot get in PA. I've tried to make some comparisons with cocktails I like using Triple Sec and Cointreau, and I've come to the conclusion that cointreau makes a better drink, but maybe not a better drink for a liquor that costs 4x more than triple sec.

What's your opinion? What's the history/classification on these types of orange liquors?


barmixmaster said...

The short answer is that they are all orange liqueurs and can really be substituted for one another rather easily. There are some cocktails that call for on or the other specifically. For example the Sidecar calls for Cointreau but I often make it with Triple Sec when I'm out.

Some people swear by a certain orange liqueur and others don't really care. It really comes down to this though... Many people drink Grand Marnier on the rocks, a few drink Cointreau on the rocks, and really no one drinks Curacao or triple sec on the rocks.

I will incorporate this into a future post. Thanks for the feed back.

Anonymous said...

Apologize for being so off-topic, but I couldn't find a more appropriate place for this comment:

Your site is great and I appreciate all the work that went into making it, but it's *such* a shame that you use all of the proprietary Internet Explorer tagging. More and more people are moving away from IE and your site doesn't work at all in standards-based web browsers.

A basic tenet of web design is: Write your site so it works perfectly in IE, and you may or may not work with other browsers, but write your site so that it works perfectly in other browsers (Firefox), and it will work perfectly in every browser.

Just a suggestion. :-)

barmixmaster said...

I'm a Microsoft bigot.

But I guess I would like the 4 or 5 people using Firefox to be enlightened with mixology (j/k).

What specifically are you seeing wrong with the site in FireFox? I have Firefox and it comes up fine for me. You can email me at bar.mix.master[AT]


barmixmaster said...

I believe I have fixed the FireFox issue once and for all. If anyone sees any abnormalities... please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't getting certain frames to load at all... lots of blankness everywhere.

But hey, it seems to be fixed now. Thanks!

Could you share what was wrong and what you did to fix it?


barmixmaster said...

I had a strange entry in my CSS that absolutely positioned the drink image in a weird place.

Took it out and it started working.