Sunday, January 29

Cocktail Artist : Will Rafuse

This past October I was at the Food and Wine Festival that was being held at Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida. The festival includes food and wine seminars, wine tastings, and my favorite the foods and wines of the world. As I was walking through the hall where you can purchase the featured wines I just happened upon a piece of artwork that stopped me dead in my tracks.

It was the work of Will Rafuse an artist from Vancouver who exclusively works in oil paintings. Many of his paintings have a happy older man with exaggerated features. Will also has a strong interest in food, wine, and cocktails so many times our happy gentleman is mixing, stirring, or shaking some delectable delight.

I bought a print of one of Will's paintings on the spot. In my print my fellow is a bartender pouring a freshly mixed Manhattan. His series on Bartenders and Cocktails are my favorite.

Will also has paintings focused on Chefs, Servers, Cafes, Still Lifes, Coffee, Pastries, Cats, Dogs, Musicians, Players, Flowers, and Bugs.

The bold colors and style he uses in his paintings is very unique and stands out in any gallery. I plan on getting a lot more of Will's work and hope one day to treat him to a well mixed cocktail of my own.

Cheers to you Mr. Rafuse!

The image used here is for viewing purposes only. It can not be reproduced without permssion. If you would like to purchase some of Will Rafuse work, click here.


Anonymous said...

Love the Food and Wine Fest at Disney and looking forward to our return in October. Maybe we can even pick up a few more of Rafuse's bartender works to go with Jack.

barmixmaster said...

For those of you that don't know... becca is my wife. We have plans to go back to Disney this coming October to take the kid to see the mouse. Oh and it just so happens the Food and Wine Festival is happening again at the same time. ;)

I highly recommend the event if you have a choice of planning the time of year you go for a trip to Orlando. It is also really great time of year, weather wise.

Alex said...

Nice paintings indeed. I have seen some of Rafuse's work before and always liked it.

I recently bought a great print from John Register called "Martini". Check it out ( and tell me what you think just happened to the guy on the lounge chair... everyone usually says something different.

I personally like to think he just finished with the worst day of of working life, quit the job, and went for a martini. I know I feel like doing that often enough...

Anonymous said...

a-bomb, I like your adaptation. Another could be a business man at a boring meeting at a hotel by the pool. He's finally sick of it and lays down with his martini in hand, but has to block the sun from his eyes.

What do you think?

Alex said...

heh, yeah that's another good one. I never thought about the sun in his eyes... I've also heard many people say that he just either fought or broke up with his significant other and is washing down the heartache with a dry martini. A lovely conversation piece for the bar. :-)