Monday, June 12

2006 Tales of the Cocktail

Southern Comfort and the cocktail community put on one hell of a party every year down in New Orleans in the form of the Tales of the Cocktail.

This event attracts cocktail and culinary experts from all over the world for seminars, book-signings, cocktail parties, dinning, and an overall great time as only New Orleans can deliver.

This year's event is coming up on July 19th will go until July 23rd. If you have never been to New Orleans and have always wanted to you could not pick a better time to visit. This event will inundate you with NOLA culture, food, and of course cocktails. Tickets are for sale right now. Click on the image to the right >

I have plans to attend the majority of the event with my wife and we are really looking forward to it. One of my favorite parts is a cocktail tour of the city where a cocktail dignitary takes you from tavern to tavern giving an in-depth lesson on New Orleans bars history and significance. Another of my favorites is the Spirited Dinners. In these dinners you attend one of New Orleans' finest eateries for a digustation menu with each course matched with cocktails by a renowned mixologist.

If you can make it, look for me there!