Saturday, February 10

Fenian's in Jackson MS

My birthplace is Jackson, Mississippi and there is a small Irish pub there that I'd like to make note of. The place is called Fenian's and it is in the heart of J-Town on the corner of Jefferson and Fortification.

While I was there recently I met a barman that went by Super Dave! The man was definitely a showman. As he made his drinks he recited poetry. He was often making multiple drinks at the same time, and he could make a mean Manhattan.

It wasn't just Super Dave! stealing the show... he and his co-bartender, Toni made a great team. Toni and Dave worked really well together. There was one point where Toni and Dave were making the same drink (one would get ice, the other would get ingredient 1, the second got ingredient 2, etc...).

It was good to see my old stomping grounds in good form. If you are ever passing through the city on I-55 look for the Fortification Street exit and stop off for a round. You won't be sorry.

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