Tuesday, August 15

Cake-tales and Pie-tinis

This copyrighted phrase is the brain child of Michael Waterhouse who is a co-owner of the restaurant Dylan Prime in New York. He gave one of the seminars at the Tale of the Cocktails where he spoke about dessert cocktails. See the article from the event provided by Gambit Weekly, a NOLA publication.

Although I disagree with his use of the words 'Martini' and 'Cocktail' interchangeably I do like the liquid desserts he has concocted. They are perfect after a big meal, whereby you don't want to eat something else, but yet want something sweet. As Michael puts it, "This dessert surrounds your meal rather than sitting on top of it."

My wife had a birthday recently and I was able to whip up 3 cocktail batches I learned from the event. I did it in batch style and it turned out quite nice with little effort. I made the German Chocolate Cake, 24 Carrot Cake, and the Peach Cobbler (pictured to the right in respective order).

As Michael has a book coming out soon that will include these recipes I won't give them away here. But I will say what makes his recipes unique is the use of items from the kitchen in addition to the bar. If you plan on making a Cake-tale or Pie-tini you will need things like caramel, cinnamon sugar, toasted coconut, brown sugar, carrot juice, cream cheese, and maple syrup from the kitchen. You will also need things like chocolate liqueur, peach schnapps, heavy cream, liquor 43, coconut rum, goldschlager, frangelico, triple sec, and vodka from the bar. Vodka was a surprisingly lesser used ingredient in the examples he gave.

The combination of bar and kitchen is the ingredient that will take bartending and cocktails to the next level. Imagine this... a restaurant where the food and cocktails are created right before you at a food and beverage bar. Chef and bartender would share ingredients where the spice that is in your main course is pared with a cocktail. This would make the complete dining experience that much better. If you have never had a good digustation dinning experience with cocktail parings I highly recommend it.

Once Michael's book comes out I'll be sure to post an update.

(photo by me )

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Anonymous said...

the drinks at our birthday party were incredible! and the photo here... all i can say is wow! when will i see this on istock??