Saturday, May 26

And you call your self a BAR and grill. Please...

I haven't gone on a tirade in a while so... here we go.

I'm sick and tired of going to a "nice" restaurant and ordering a cocktail and getting SHIT! Even when you order a modern classic such as a Cosmopolitan, which my wife orders from time to time, what comes out to the table is absolutely abhorrent. A Cosmo is NOT vodka and cranberry juice in a "martini" glass!

The standards of restaurant owners need to be elevated. Do you know how much profit is made on alcoholic beverages? Why are you trying to rush me through my dinner? Why is my dinner coming out before I'm done with my appetizer? Why do I stop having drinks after my first sip of your crap?!? Why do I go home for my after dinner drink?

Your bartender is just as important as your chef. In fact it is the first impression of your guest. I know that when I sit down to have a good meal and I get complete and utter crap at the bar/table in the form of a "cocktail" I want to stand up and walk right out the door.

Okay, sure I might be on an extreme end of the spectrum as far as cocktail expectations, but the cocktail movement is really gaining speed. Do you want affluent ($$$$) people in your restaurant? Well you better start paying attention to the shake, shake instead of the type of butter on the table!

That's all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

Was this Boule? They somehow put a pineapple slice in my Cosmo, and a lime in my husband's Manhattan. And they think they make up for it by painting their walls Terracotta Pot by Ralph Lauren.


Anonymous said...

A-freaking-men to this. Thanks for the rant!

barmixmaster said...

I'd rather not call out any particular restaurant. However in my case it wasn't Boule. Sounds you had bad experience though. It really is just sad.

DemeraraDrinker said...

Hi Brad. All I can say is I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! I'm sick of Mai Tais with no orgeat, Rum Runners with no blackberry brandy, and Caipirinhas that crack your teeth they're so sweet.

I think I was channeling you when I wrote this:

I'm with you on the Sidecar, too. Great drink.

I tried to find an email address for you but couldn't. Please contact me at lad (at) I like your blog and your point of view and would like to link to your site and see if you would like to link back to mine.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. You'll be cheered to know that it was about a year ago I called a restaurant owner out on that kind of bullsh@t and essentially denounced him in front of his whole restaurant. (This was after he attempted to defend a marguerita which was 90% water.) My best flourish was a gesture at the wine bottles on the walls and the question, "What's in those things? Grape juice?"