Tuesday, March 18

The Oddest of Mixtures

On March 4, 2008 I was saddened to learn that Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, passed away. Back in 1974 Gary and co-creator Dave Arneson created a fantasy game world that brought the works of J.R.R Tolkien to life. I ask, who doesn't want to be the hero that saves the day by taking out a horde of goblins and orcs. The game-world created by Gary and Dave is a far cry, from the now spoon feed online bleeps and bits coming through your monitor. It lives in your head. It's a world that you can imagine and it is much greater and far reaching than any pre-programmed online/console adventure.

Okay, I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it. What do you expect? I work all day managing software development!

First off, there is an interesting parallel between D&D and cocktails. The game got a bad rap, much like bartending and cocktails did during prohibition. During the early 80's D&D was labeled evil and was shunned by a "holier than thou" group of fanatics hell bent on ruining a good time. Sound familiar?

As I started my journey down the cocktail highway several years ago I started to notice a trend. I noticed that many of my online companions that enjoyed the intricacies of mixing libations were also tech nerds. Could it be that I was noticing this just because I was sounding off online and the propensity of those other purveyors of libations also knew technology because of the venue? I don't know.

Nonetheless, I notice a mixture that seems to blend very well together in technology and mixology. This seems to be a very odd mixture. A mixture much like that of a Bloody Mary, where when one first looks at the ingredients you might say to yourself, "hmmmm, that doesn't sound quite right." But when you taste it you fall in love and can't get enough of it.

This mix may be a product of the fact that IT professionals have a lot of stress, but for me it is a bit more. Day to day I create new programs and utilities for my users. I can see that these tools make their lives just a little bit easier to deal with. This makes them very happy; gushing even. However, the process can take a very long time to develop.

On the other hand, with cocktails the gratification comes much quicker. I can whip up a Sidecar and serve it to my guests. A smile immediately crosses their face as the refreshing liquid passes their lips. To me, this satisfaction is very much the same and this is why I think the two blend very well together.

So here is my latest recipe. See if you agree.

My Hobbies
1 part tech computer nerd
1 part cocktailian
0.5 part RPG (D&D) player
0.25 part sports/television

Combine ingredients with ice, strain into the cocktail glass of "free time" and enjoy!

Unfortunate for me and my readers my free time glass is only that of the 5 oz variety and not the mondo chain restaurant cocktail glass size. However as with real cocktails, and not this very bad allegory, its quality over quantity.

So let's give a shout out to Gary Gygax and the wonderful game he created those many years ago. In fact, I bet there are a lot of cocktailians out there right now.... wanting to yell out... "Yes! I play D&D and drink cocktails, so what?" If so... sound off right here.


Photo and miniature by: Wes Walker


Anonymous said...

How many ranks in Profession: bartender do you have?

barmixmaster said...

At least 15.