Tuesday, June 24

The Bar Mix Master has left New Orleans...

I have some good/bad news.

I just recently accepted a new job that is going to have me and my family moving to Memphis, TN. While this is great news for me and my family it is bitter sweet as I won't really be able to fully experience Tales of the Cocktail this year. At most I will just be able to attend on Saturday.

While I'm sad about leaving New Orleans, the cocktail captial of the south, I am looking forward to discovering the good, good Memphis bars while raising the level of those not so good, good Memphis bars.

For those readers that might be Memphians drop me a line I'd love to hear from you!

With all this said, I won't be able to cover Tales in the TalesBlog the way I had hopped. However, next year look for me there with bells on.



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