Wednesday, July 14

Cocktail Cupcake

Yum, I just had a Guinness and Bailey's Irish Cream cupcake and it was delicious. The combination of spirits and sweets make for a great pair. A while back I wrote about Cake-tales and Pie-tinis, the creation of Michael Waterhouse served at New York's Dylan Prime restaurant. These desserts in a glass was one thing but Cocktail Cupcakes are out of this world.

Using alcohol in cooking isn't something new, but desserts like Cocktail Cupcakes put the flavors of the alcohol as a lead actor rather than in a supporting role. You really get the full flavor of the spirits in the frosting.

The mini treat I had was created by Amanda King. She is starting a business here in the Memphis, TN area called AK Cupcakes. She has an array of flavors. If you happen to live in the Memphis area give them a try, you won't be sorry. Here is her site

If you happen to be in the Atlanta, GA area I also found this site, although I haven't tried theirs.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had one just like this at Muddy's Cupcakes in East Memphis last week. They named it, ironically enough, the Irish Car Bomb. I must agree though, it was very good!