Thursday, July 1

Maker's 46 Launch

Big news from Loretto, KY the home of my favorite bourbon Maker's Mark. Today the distillery launches a brand new product called Maker's 46. Here are the details straight from the press release.
Maker’s 46 is a handcrafted, full-bodied Bourbon whisky that starts off as original Maker’s Mark. The transformation into Maker’s 46 begins when fully matured Maker’s Mark is emptied from the barrel so that 10 seared French oak staves can be affixed to the sides. Then, Maker’s Mark, which is made with red winter wheat for a smooth taste, is put back in the barrel and aged for several more months, allowing the natural caramel, vanilla and spice flavors released by the staves to enhance the end product.
I"m really excited about the product and hope it tastes as good as it sounds. The process is said to bring out the caramel and vanilla flavors while keeping the bitterness down. The name a little odd, but the reason for it has nothing to do with the bourbon's age its the profile number assigned to the "wood recipe" created by Brad Boswell, Wood Chef. Brad was a collaborator with Maker's Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith.

I haven't personally tasted this yet, but I have high hopes. You might want to head to the stores now because they plan to only ship 25,000 cases of Maker's 46 this year, which is likely to make it a hard find.

Alas, I can always hope some of the nice people at Maker's will send me some to review.

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Anonymous said...

I have not tried Makers 46 yet. Definitely interested. Have you tried Bulleit Bourbon? I really enjoy it