Wednesday, November 10

The savvy drinker-Spirits and taste

Spirits drinkers can be fussy drinkers, I should know. Particularly if they know how to mix good drinks themselves. Good quality spirits and excellent taste are the basis of what a real spirits drinker wants. Whether you drink vodka, Scotch, rum, bourbon or the incredible Japanese rice whiskey, it's all a matter of taste and quality. Knowing where to drink has a lot to do with it as well, whether you drink in local pubs or the absolute swankiest nightclubs.

Knowing your drinks
It's an interesting fact that spirits, which are supposed to be the same drinks, never actually are. All good spirits are quite different and have their own unique texture and flavor. For example, there are any number of different types of rum, and none of them are the same. No two types of Scotch are alike. Bourbon is always unique.
That's extremely important, when mixing drinks. The fact is that each type of spirit affects the flavour of any type of drink mix. Alcohol does play a part in the chemistry of the mix, but there are other factors involved, and that includes the chemistry of the spirits themselves and the way they're produced.
It's a good idea to spend some time checking out the very best spirits and educate your palate properly. The best spirits are considered the best not because they’re expensive, because they’re the product of very high quality production techniques. A brand like Johnnie Walker Black label, for example, is the result of excellent production technique, a well-established method of distillation, and very strict quality controls. Maker’s Mark is another example of a famous brand with very high quality standards.
That’s also why they’re excellent mixers. You'll find that the best bartenders far prefer these extremely reliable drinks as their mixing base, and it's very useful to know which are the best spirits for mixing drinks. 

A matter of good taste
The fact is that low quality spirits can sabotage any drink. Imagine a Black Russian with poor quality coffee liqueur. That's bad enough, but add third rate vodka, and you've got the disaster on your hands. It's not so much drinkable as forgettable.
Drink mixes are basically recipes, and you must remember that the ingredients themselves must be very high standards, as well as the basic drinks. Fresh is always better, and it is one of the reasons the best drink mixers insist on fresh herbs and fruits and other materials. These drinks are better prepared immediately before serving, although really high quality spirits and ingredients will keep very well.
The classic drinks like martinis, daiquiris, Black Russians, and gin and tonic are a good way of sharpening your skills and getting the necessary understanding of how drinks and ingredients mix together. Taking the time to learn how to mix your own drinks will drastically improve your drinking experience, and it's also a lot of fun. Savvy drinkers enjoy their drinks and that's the way it should be.

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