Saturday, May 21

Miss Charming's Drink Trivia IPhone App

I first had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Cheryl Charming way back when I first started my journey to learning about cocktails via the forums.

Cheryl has published several cocktail related books. This being one of my favorites, Miss Charming's Book of Bar Amusements.

Now a days Miss Charming is living in New Orleans and bartending at The Bombay Club where she has elevated its bar to another level. I can't wait to head down to New Orleans and visit her again.

The latest news from Cheryl puts her IPhone Trivia App on sale for 99 cents through the summer of 2011. The app has 5,000 trivia questions which are always fun. The app has Miss Charming's usual flair in its styling and is very easy to use. To find it in the App Store search for "Miss Trivia." Or click the ITunes button bellow.

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