Tuesday, December 27

Makers Mark Ambassador Program

To say I like Maker's Mark bourbon would be an understatement. It is my go to bourbon.

Way back in 2006 I wrote a blog entry about bourbon found here. In that article I mention the Maker's Mark Ambassadors program. To this day I probably get two emails a week asking me how to become a member. To which, I have been very happy to reply with a link to Maker's online form to sign up. You can find it HERE

The picture you see here of my cozy Maker's Mark bottle was my latest gift for being an Ambassador. Over the years since I've joined I received all kinds of neat items, everything from glasses to golf balls. A particular favorite was the stick of wax and a letter seal. Although this bottle sweater is pretty up there. It's very festive, don't you think?

For joining the Maker's Mark Ambassador program you not only get cool gifts, but the following as well:
  • Your name on a Maker’s Mark barrel.
  • An opportunity to purchase a bottle of Maker’s Mark from your batch.
  • Updates on the aging of your bourbon.
  • Advanced notice of rare, special-release bottles.
  • Opportunity to purchase Ambassadors-only Maker’s Mark merchandise.
  • Many other items that confirm your honorable status.
Maker's marketing department in my opinion is the best in the spirits business at promoting their product. They got me writing about it.


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