Monday, July 16

Beretta San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has long been known as a cocktail capitol in the tipple turn-around of the post prohibition period.

So recently I found myself in the Bay Area and I got thirsty. What should a bar mix master do but seek out an establishment that serves modern cocktails made in the classic style. I found such a place on Valencia street called Beretta.

Beretta serves up very good flat bread pizzas but that is certainly not the draw. Cocktails with fresh juices, custom made ingredients, and an obvious attention to details make this place a must visit for cocktail lovers.

One of the craft cocktails I sampled was their version of the Monte Carlo. It was a well balanced cocktail that you could taste the love and attention that had gone into it. The Monte Carlo is a classic cocktail and if you are a Manhattan drinker you will probably enjoy this cocktail as well.

Monte Carlo
2 parts Rye Whiskey
0.5 part Benedictine
2 - 3 shakes of Angostura Bitters

Mix ingredients in ice, stir to chill, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a orange twist.

Beretta uses a lot of custom mixes. They added to this classic something they call "orange 9". While I don't know exactly what is in "orange 9" it definitely gave the Monte Carlo a more pronounced orange flavor which really accentuated the spices in the Benedictine.

The bar chefs at Beretta are all very skilled and as you can tell from the picture a lot of effort was put into each drink. The fruit sitting on the bar was not for decorations, fresh juices were used judiciously. The place was packed with thirsty patrons having a great time. Everyone was very patient for their drink because they knew the wait would be well worth it.

The point is I highly recommend Beretta and the Monte Carlo cocktail. If you are ever in San Francisco seek them out, you won't be disappointed!