About Me

My name is Brad Ellis and mixing and studying cocktails is my hobby. I have always loved putting things together to make something new and exciting. I am a Software Engineering Manager by day which is where I spend my time improving processes through the use of technology. I have a team of Software Engineers, a Project Manager, a Technical Writer and Support Programmers. My team and I build complex projects to make something new and exciting for our users. There is a great thrill that I get when we deliver a product that exceeds the customer's needs for a project. Cocktailing is the same for me.

When I make a great cocktail for a guest in my home and they love it, I get that same thrill.

I never cared for beer very much, so when I turned 21, I wasn't into the bar scene. Then one day in college I had a Rum & Cola and I liked it, however I knew there was more than Rum & Cola. From that day I started experimenting with a variety of drinks. Being that I graduated from the University of Mississippi and the unofficial drink was bourbon with the motto of: "Put it in a cup!" I grew to love bourbon very quickly. My favorite drink as you probably know by now is a Maker's Mark Manhattan, straight up (main picture on the left).

I am still learning quite a bit and as I do learn I will post my findings here. Most of my articles that I post are directed at one or more of three groups: Bartenders, Patrons, and/or Newbie Patrons. Articles directed towards bartenders are intended to inspire the bartender to become better at their profession and to exceed their customer's expectations. Articles directed towards patrons are observations and helpful hints and tips to help a patron get the cocktail they really want. And articles directed toward newbie patrons (Bar Fear) is a tutorial designed to indoctrinate someone just turning 21, or someone that typically orders a beer, into the wonderful world of cocktails.

I've never worked professionally in a bar, although I would like to get a one night a week gig, however I do have an extensive home mixology lab. :) To sum this up, I am a self-proclaimed cocktail expert with a strong desire to spread the word about cocktailing. I call for a rebirth of some of the old cocktail classics such as Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sidecar, Singapore Sling, etc... And hope to stir the minds of those who are stuck in the liquor and mixer world.

I hope you enjoy my site and please provide feedback whenever you feel necessary. You can also email me at: bar.mix.master[AT]gmail.com.